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Aesop Rhim

These days, “peace” is a popular catch phrase all around the world.  Even though peace has been a common goal throughout the entire history of mankind, various conflicts among nations, religious groups, cultures and political organizations have always plagued our world.  If we want to survive and progress as a society and in the greater world, we must always strive to achieve a sustainable balance of peace.

As an artist I believe that art is relevant to life, as life is to art. As creative and proactive people, we are not just the sums of our inspirations, but links in the chain of inspiration.          Our goal is to use our works and our lives as connections to the people and objects around us.  It is our job to find these connections and express them in a relevant way.

In my works, I am striving to create a working model of peace -- to create a small world in which each element is gracefully integrated and interrelated with the others to form a subtly complex image of harmony.  Working with this concept, I have come to see the process of peace as a continuous work of art.  We must discover the patterns of our world and make ourselves aware of the connections that already exist.  As elements of the whole, we are answerable to the world around us.
We must not see ourselves as merely a splash of color or a delicate line, but as an integral part of the picture.  In this way we can achieve peace within ourselves, our families, our communities and ultimately to the world.

                                                                                            Aesop Rhim

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