Exhibition by Aesop Rhim

Artist, Aesop Rhim


Background of the "Peace and Art" Exhibition
- by the artist, Aesop Rhim:

"Personally, as a Korean of a divided Korea and separated family, I have been longing and praying for peace and reconciliation in the world. It has been my daily life routine to pray for and materialize my vision of national and world peace through art. As a graphic artist, I desire to share this artistic vision with the people of all nations."

"Right after September 11, 2001, I started preparing for an exhibition with peace as the theme. I couldn't be silent when I saw what was happening at the World Trade Center. In January of 2002, I was fortunate to have an exhibition of my art work - "The Prayer of Peace", at Chicago's Daley Center. With mayor Daley's congratulatory encouragement, the exhibition was a successful statement toward peace and against terrorism. In September of 2002, I had another exhibition at the James Thompson Center, commemorating the anniversary of September 11."

"Addition to these exhibitions, I took my Peace Art to Pyungyang, North Korea and Uganda, Africa as a peace mission to contribute bringing World Peace."


About the Artist, Aesop Rhim:

For nearly 30 years, Aesop has devoted his life to depictions of the city he loves - Chicago. His banners have been long-embraced as the public face of Our Kind of Town. Aesop's eminently successful work emerges through the medium of silkscreen process, which is both his art and his business tool. He loves the medium, he lives with it, and he has mastered the process.

Chicago's Mayor acknowledged Aesop's lifelong contribution with a proclamation dedicating, "Aesop Rhim Day." Aesop's alma mater, Illinois Institute of Technology's Institute of Design, honored Aesop as one of their own by including his work in their Bauhaus Show. An early exhibition at the Jacques Baruch Gallery launched his busy professional career. An ongoing succession of commissions has kept him too busy to look back. Today, Aesop's Art is helping us all to shape a bright future.



Peace, Together

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